New students

If you are new to Iaidō and interested in learning, we recommend first getting in contact and arranging to come and observe a class on Tuesday 6-7pm at our dojo. You can email us on or call/txt on 021 2630351

Once you're ready to join in, see our section on equipment and becoming a member. So you can give Iaidō a try, your first 2 training sessions are free of charge before becoming a member.

Find our more about the training times, equipmentlocation of our dojo and the Wellington Iaidō Club.


Practiced Iaidō before?

If you have trained in Iaidō before, you are welcome to let us know you will be attending one of the training times. We teach Seitei Gata and MJER Iai, during Saturday sessions you are welcome to practice any past styles you have learnt. We are an inclusive dojo, and we can also teach you Seitei Gata (the standardised set of Iaido across all Iai schools) if you haven't learnt that during either our Tuesday beginners sessions or Saturdays. An understanding of the Seitei Gata Iaido is required for national seminar attendance and gradings. Find out more about becoming a member.