Dojo and equipment etiquette

  • Remove all jewellery before entering dojo hall area (exception for medicaid bracelets).
  • Always remove your shoes before entering the dojo hall (in changing area is ok).

  • Bow at the doorway before entering and exiting the dojo training area.

  • Always walk behind other people training in the dojo if possible, otherwise indicate with your right hand your intentions and ensure others have seen this and acknowledged before moving (this is to protect you from being hit).

  • Place any weapons and other objects to the side of the dojo when not in use (for swords the "sharp" side facing towards the wall).

  • Never step over a sword!
  • Sit in Seiza while preparing your weapons for training.

  • Always inspect your weapons before training, look for loose or cracked mekugi pins or loose fittings. Report any problems to your instructor.

  • For everyone's safety, only use a wooden "bokuto" or blunt metal "iaito" for regular training sessions (in some special occasions sharp swords may be used and will require demonstrated level of proficiency and additional safety considerations).

  • Follow any further instructions relating to the dojo and equipment given to your be your senpai or other sensei.


Health and safety policy

Wellington Iaido Club is committed to providing a safe space in which to learn the martial art of Iaido. Given our art is based around the Japanese sword, in order to keep yourself and other members safe we have a duty of care to carry out the following:


  • Instructors will give training as to the safe handling of equipment used.

  • You'll be taught Dojo etiquette designed to keep you safe while practicing Iaido (See above).

  • The venue will have a first aid kit and accident register available during practice times and you'll be shown where this is.

  • Report any injuries or accidents sustained during any club activity or whilst on the club premises.

  • Location of emergency procedures for the venue will be shown and explained when you begin training.

  • Appoint a safety coordinator that will carry out regular hazard assessments and create a safe environment by putting health and safety measures in place as identified by the assessment.

  • Ensure that all members are aware of, understand and follow the club’s health and safety policy.


When you train with us you must agree to and follow the these safety procedures:


  • Take reasonable care for your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by what you do or not do.

  • Follow any dojo etiquette that you have been shown (see Dojo etiquette above).

  • Co-operate with the club on health and safety issues.

  • Report any injuries you sustain during training.

  • Follow any equipment checks and correctly use all equipment provided by the club.

  • Remove any jewellery, rings, earrings, necklaces while in the dojo as these have been known to get caught on equipment and pose a safety risk (only exception is medicaid bracelets where the wearer has a genuine health reason).


Wellington Iaidō Club - Health and safety policy (PDF, 189Kb)