learn iaido

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What is Iaidō?

Iaidō is a Japanese martial art focused on using the sword, drawing and cutting in a single stroke. It is practiced in prearranged movements called “kata” against different scenarios and surprise attacks from imaginary opponents.

Course details

All beginners from 15 years and up welcome.

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Dates: Tuesday 6-7pm starting Jan 29th - 2nd April.

Cost: $100.00 for 10 week course (club equipment provided).

What to wear: We recommend loose comfortable clothing (T-shirt and ¾ sweatpants are ideal). A pair of soft knee pads are a must-have (volleyball style, can be purchased from sports shops/online/ or via our club).

Where is it: Vogelmorn Hall, 13 Vennell Street, Brooklyn, Wellington.


The 10 week introduction course covers:

  • Dojo etiquette, bowing in and out of class and correct weapon handling

  • Building your Iaido muscles and warming up

  • Gripping and cutting correctly with the sword

  • Correct posture and movement

  • Understand distance and timing

  • History and culture of Iaido

  • The 5 fundamentals of all iaido kata

  • Begin learning 3 kata of the Seitei Iaido set

  • Try some paired Kendo/Iaidō kata